Radio Paging Service

  Who Are We?

Established in 1965, Radio Paging Service is the oldest, locally-owned paging service in the Treasure Valley. Radio Paging Service’s business philosophy is that service is the most important facet of our job. RPS is proud to offer several brand name pagers, including; Motorola, NEC, and Comtech. To service our customers we offer many different types of pagers including; Beep-Only, Digital, Voice, and Alphanumeric.

  Coverage Area

Radio Paging Service offers two (2) coverage areas:

 1) Local coverage which broadcasts in the Ada County, Nampa, and Metro Caldwell area.

 2) Wide Area which covers from Glenns Ferry to Vale, OR and includes the Snake River Basin and Emmett.  


Arguably the easiest pagers to use, these pagers will notify you of a message holding either in your voice mail or with you answering service.


Compact and easy to carry, these pagers can store from 5 to 20 messages and are accessible through any touch-tone phone.

  Voice and Voice Memory

Just like carrying an answering machine on your side, these compact units can broadcast a 15-second message. Memory units have the capability to store 2, 15-second messages in memory for you to retrieve when it is convenient to do so.


The most efficient pagers in terms of information given. These pagers can receive up to 200 characters per page. Most will store from 8 to 20 typed text messages, alphanumeric pagers are best utilized with an answering service. is Copyright 2002 by Radio Paging Service/Telanswer, Inc., all rights reserved.
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